What is the guest fee?

Guests are welcome anytime. It’s a $5 surcharge per player per day. We have guest rates for open play, clinics and lessons. 

What is the cancellation policy?

Court reservations and open plays may be canceled before 24 hours to get a credit for future play. There is no credit for clinics cancelled even with more than 24 hours notice and we will try to work with the instructor to get you into a make up class.

Can I reserve a court now and pay later?

No. All reservations are required to be paid in full at time of booking. No reservations will be made without payment. Members booking courts are responsible for their guests’ fees.

Do we offer refunds?

No. We will issue a credit to your account. 


What is open play?

Open play is a two hour playing session based on a player’s skill level. There will be a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of six players on a court. You must sign up to guarantee a spot.

What are the levels of open play

We have five different levels of open play. Please read below to find the level that best fits you. 


You have limited experience playing pickleball, you can keep a short rally on the pickleball court, and you have a basic understanding of the rules of pickleball (particularly, if you can keep the score properly).

Advanced Beginner

You understand the basic strategy and rules of pickleball, including that you can keep the score properly. You can generally hit forehand drives, serves, and returns with medium pace, as well as dinks, but generally lack consistency and control (for instance, serves and returns are not consistent and lack depth.)


You understand the basic strategy and rules of pickleball. You are starting to vary your shots between the hard and soft game, and you are moving quickly to the Non-Volley Zone line when you have the opportunity. You can hit drives, serves, and returns with pace (including developing backhand shots), as well as dinks and drop shots, and are developing some consistency and control (including consistently hitting serves and returns in play.)

Advanced Intermediate

You understand the strategy and rules of pickleball (including stacking), you have a limited number of unforced errors, and you change your game play to attack your opponents’ weaknesses on the pickleball court. You can generally hit both forehand and backhand drives, serves, returns, dinks, drop shots, and volleys with pace, spin, depth, direction, consistency, and control. 


You have mastered the strategy and rules of pickleball (including stacking), you rarely make unforced errors, and you attack your opponents’ weaknesses on the pickleball court. You have mastered both forehand and backhand drives, serves, and returns with pace, as well as dinks, drop shots, and volleys of different speeds, and have consistency, and control.

Can I register my friend for open play?

No. You can only book open play for yourself. You cannot register for a friend. The friend needs to book online themselves or call us.

What is the open play cancellation policy?

Cancellations before 24 hours get a credit. No credit due for cancellations made less than 24 hours.


Do we provide any free equipment?

Yes, we have demo paddles for those interested in purchasing a paddle from our pro-shop and a limited supply of loaner paddles for those who didn’t bring one to play with.  We do not provide free balls but we do sell brand new 3 pack Diadem balls for $9.95 at the pro-shop

Do we offer refunds for equipment purchased from us?

Equipment has to be unused, in its original packaging and returned within 7 days for a refund. 


What if it snows when I had a court reserved?

We will try our best to keep the building open albeit it with the safety of our employees and customers in mind. This may mean delayed openings or closures. We will try to stay at least consistent with the Sayville school system so if they are open we will be open. If they are closed we will make a decision on a case by case basis. Credits will be given for future court time in the event of a closure due to snow or some other weather related event.

Do minors need to become members?

Minors are anyone under 16 years old. Any player over 16 must become a member or pay guest fees. Minors do not need to pay membership fees or guest fees. Minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


What if I miss a class? Is there a makeup class?

Please be mindful of all scheduled dates when booking a clinic as there are no makeup classes scheduled through the Pickleball Hall. All makeup classes need to be organized through the instructor to see if there is open availability to get you into another class.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at: 
631-380-3580 or at