Frequently asked questions

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What is the guest fee?

Guest are welcome anytime. It’s a $5 surcharge per player. An example would be, let’s say three members and a guest are playing on a court. A court is $50 an hour for members during peak hours. The three members do not pay any extra for the court. The guest pays an additional $5. Another example would be open play. Members pay $25 for two hours during peak open play, and a guest will pay $30. If you plan on playing more that twice a month, it’s worth becoming a member. See the benefits here.  

What are the peak and non-peak hours?

Peak hours are Monday to Friday 7am-9am and 5pm-11pm, all day Saturday and Sunday and holidays. 

Non Peak hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. 

How does open play work?

Open play is a two hour playing session based on players levels. There will be maximum of six players on a court. You must sign up to guarantee a spot. Levels are based on ratings include – beginner, advanced beginner (2.5-3), intermediate (3.0-3.5), advanced intermediate (3.5-4.0), advanced (4.0 +)