Your court
Every week
All year

A VIP at the pickleball hall receives the best prices on hourly courts and first class treatment. Enjoy the deep discount on yearly rentals, invite a guest to play, and get a guaranteed locker in our pristine locker rooms while you play. These benefits offer our most dedicated players an unforgettable experience.

VIP Benefits

52 week seasonal court

10% off entire year

Two make up dates

Guaranteed locker during court time

Twelve guest passes

Ability to adjust seasonal schedule twice – at the beginning of the winter and/or summer season 

Payment plan

Prices locked for all 52 weeks

Split responsibility between two captains.

VIP Cost

$ 2,340 $ 2,106


  • Savings of $234
  • $60 in guest fees
  • Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

$ 2,600 $ 2,340


  • Savings of $260
  • $60 in guest fees
  • Monday-Friday 8-9am, 5-10pm
    All Day Saturday and Sunday

If you are interested in the VIP plan, please contact us at or call (631) 380-3580