Our vision for the Pickleball Hall is to give a first class experience for all our members and guests. We plan on having every amenity a player might need. In addition to high quality climate controlled indoor courts, each facility will have charging stations, a healthy snack bar, and immaculate locker rooms. 

The Pickleball Hall will be the premiere location to play pickleball in Suffolk County. After establishing the model in Sayville, the Pickleball Hall intends to expand into other areas of the Metro NY/NJ area including Nassau county, Bergen, Essex and Middlesex counties in NJ, and the Hudson Valley. The company’s structure enables us to scale quickly, without tying our timeline to cash flow. 

We want to build a community for those who want a healthier and more active lifestyle. We imagine members will come play regularly, attend events, play in open and social play, and participate in tournaments. Pickleball Hall will welcome everybody, everyday, all the time. 

Most importantly, we want the Pickleball Hall to be a place where our members and guests can call home.